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New clients, and clients with a schedule over 12 weeks are required to pay a £25 deposit on the time of booking. This is non-refundable should you cancel your appointment with less than 48hrs of the appointment taking place. Otherwise the deposit shall be taking off the final balance of the appointment.

Toileting your pet

We kindly ask that your give you pet the opportunity to go to the toilet prior to their appointment. 

 Should your dog toilet in our salon there will be a £1.50 charge for the clean up and disposal of their faeces.

Knotty Coat & Shave Offs

Extremely knotty and matted coats cause pain and suffering to your pet. We will assess your dog's coat to see if we can 'save' it, however there will be a point where the kindest resolution is to shave off part/all of the coat. Whether we can 'save' or have to shave your dog's knotty/matted coat, there will be an extra charge of £6-£24 depending on the severity of work involved.


Aggressive Dogs

We reserve the right to refuse to groom your pet if it is aggressive and poses a danger to themselves, another dog or a memeber of our team. Should a grooming session have to be stopped due to your pet’s poor behaviour, you will be charged for the proportion of the time your dog has spent in our care, in addition to any costs for damages that your pet has caused.


No show/Late cancellations

If you are unable to attend your appointment, we ask for at least 48 hours notice. If you are not able to give the minimum notice, 50% of the grooming fee will be charged to you. Should you cancel with less than 24hrs notice or not attend the appointment without any notice the full appointment fee will be charged. 

Please note that if you are more than 15 minutes late for a scheduled appointment, it is unlikely that we will be able to groom your dog due to timings with other dogs that day. In this circumstance, your appointment will be cancelled and the above charge will apply.



Scooby’s has a strict no parasite policy. Should we find fleas on your pet during it’s groom, £17 will be charged to you to cover the cost of flea shampoo and decontaminating the groom room and other areas that your pet has been.


Bitches in Season & Pregnancy

We do not groom bitches when they are in season or during their pregnancy.


Data Protection

Your personal data is not shared with any third party without your prior consent. The information held about you and your pet is to aid me purely for the purpose of follow up appointments, visits and providing a service to the customer.

Teeth Cleaning Appointments:
Ultrasonic dental cleaning is highly effective method in removing mild plaque, improving gum and mouth health and bad breath, however Scooby’s Grooming Salon cannot guarantee the treatments’ effectiveness or suitability for individual dogs due to varying external factors.
Each dog has its own toothbrush head that will not be used on another dog. The cost of this is included in the cost of its initial treatment. Should your dog refuse to have the treatment or the treatment not be suitable for you pet for any reason, you confirm to over the cost of your dog's toothbrush - £15. 
Ultrasonic cleaning will not repair loose/wobbly teeth.  If we feel any teeth are loose or become loose when the plaque is removed, we may request you get your pet’s teeth checked at your vets before/after treatment. Scooby’s cannot diagnose any problems with your dog’s mouth.

It is possible that plaque build up may be too great for Ultrasonic Cleaning to rectify. In this situation a veterinary dental may be necessary initially and then followed up ultrasound maintenance visits.
Scooby’s Grooming Salon cannot be held responsible for any problems occurring from poor dentition before, during or after any ultrasound treatments. 
Our teeth cleaning treatment is not a veterinary procedure.

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